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Naata Travel & Adventures Pvt. Ltd is a travel agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal, specializing in Trekking, Expedition, Hiking, Tours, and Adventure sports. With a team of Tourism experts having an experience of more than two decades, Naata has been able to establish itself as a leading Travel operator in Nepal, working actively as a company since 2075 BS. However, we have been organizing freelance trekking and tours since 1997. We assure the best services in the hills, Himalayas, and mystical mountains of Nepal, along with some fantastic destinations in Tibet, Bhutan, and India Naata’s customer-base tells us all about the thousands of trekking and touring that its team has accomplished around these Himalayan destinations.

Naata Travel & Adventures Pvt. Ltd is a fully trustable company registered under the Government of Nepal, recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, and licensed by the Tourism Board of Nepal.

All the team members of Naata are local people except for the few sales representatives abroad. The team members are experienced, have enough know-how of the field, and ensure our clients receive the best service and hospitality throughout their stay. All in all, our team of passionate travelers, with their expertise, have been able to meet the expectations and way beyond.

Naata is an accomplished company in Nepal’s Tourism scene, with its young directors full of creativity, passion, and enthusiasm and its board of people with irreplaceable experience and know-how of what they do.


  • “We value relation.”
  • “Honesty is the best Policy.”
  • “Walking an extra-mile for a smile.”
  • “Treating people with dignity”
  • “Earth is our home- we must take care of it.”

What We Specialize in?

We specialize in making memories and memorable trips in the Magical Mountains, Mighty peaks, Fast flowing rivers, curvy roads, dense jungles and ancient heritages Naata has a plethora of choices for all the Adventurers and outdoor lovers out there, from Trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering to rafting, wildlife safari, heritage tours and many more Furthermore; we are the experts in Motor-biking tours, festival tours and custom made tours (Honeymoon packages, photography and documentary making, Voluntourism, spiritual tourism).

Our recently inaugurated is a ‘Special Marriage package’ whereby we organize a whole ceremony of marriage for couples in the traditional Nepalese custom.

We are ceaselessly specializing and growing our services, so next time you are on our site, it might already be changed. 🙂

Why Travel with Naata Travel and Adventures?

  • We do it with Care and Affection
  • Quality of Service
  • Your safety is of paramount concern to us
  • Personalized service
  • No Added Commission: Great Value for Money
  • Customized Trips: Tailor-made itineraries as per your demand
  • Add-in Options
  • 95 % customer satisfaction
  • 100% Financial Protection

Explore the world with Naata Travel & Adventures, where each trip is well planned We are well-known for our steadfast dedication to quality and have established ourselves as a leading supplier of unmatched trekking and touring experiences With their in-depth local expertise, our knowledgeable guides will take you through stunning scenery and fascinating cultures, ensuring every stop is full of wonder and exploration At Naata Travel & Adventures, we promote sustainable travel practices, assist local people whenever we can, and think that responsible travel is essential Our top priority is your safety. Therefore we go above and beyond to put strict safety measures in place to make sure you have a worry-free experience We provide a wide variety of customizable itineraries to suit every taste and interest, ensuring a genuinely unique experience Offering outstanding value without sacrificing quality, Naata Travel & Adventures extends an invitation for you to go off on a remarkable journey of discovery and metamorphosis.

“We don’t belong to the same Herd.”

We can never be lazy, lethargic giants who have it all but give the calculated portion of service. We give it all, and we have enough expertise to have what’s required.

International Agents and Collaboration

Naata Travel & Adventures Pvt. Ltd has collaborated with international travel agents (in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and China), providing all trekking and touring programs on our list. Furthermore, we also have sales representatives in Australia, the USA, the UK, and China working actively to facilitate prospective clients, making the procedure hassle-free and quick. Besides, we keep being part of international travel expos, adventure summits, and travel marts.

We are doing all we can!

Eco-tourism / Responsible Tourism

Naata Travel & Adventures Pvt. Ltd has been implementing all possible environmental conservation policies on each of our services. Being an environmentally friendly company, we are entirely aware of the fragility of the ecosystem in which we work and encourage our clients to feel the same We never over-give to maintain the natural beauty of our country All our staff are well conscious about Eco-tourism and ensure that we don’t leave anything but footprints in the nature Furthermore, we also make sure that the locals benefit from our trips in as little ways as possible Besides that, our porters are insured, trained, and loaded in proper proportion to bring out the best in them Also,, all our staff members, including the cooking staff, are provided with necessary clothing while on high altitude terrains All and all, Naata is associated with various non-profit organizations like KEEP Nepal, SiTL and is relentlessly working on flourishing Eco-tourism/ Responsible tourism and uplifting the tourism industry of Nepal.

SiTL (Sky Is The Limit)

“If we are not for ourselves, who is But if we are only for ourselves, what are we?”

Keeping this beautiful quote at heart, Naata gives back 5% of its total income for the education of mountain children through SiTl. Named ‘Ashimit Udaan’ in Nepali, Sitl is a non-profit organization serving several sectors of the country, including environmental conservation and education to the less privileged children, among many others.

Bottom Line



Plan Your Nepal Journey

We are here to provide you with a travelling experience that tailor fits your needs, be it trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, the cultural tour of Bhutan or the mystical mountain kingdom

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