Kathmandu To Jhinu Danda


The distance from Kathmandu to Jhinu Danda is around 260 km. It is a small hilltop famous for its natural hot spring. This place serves as the gateway to Annapurna Base Camp. It lies at an altitude of 1780 meters from the sea level. You can also drive up to the Jhinu Danda. It is one of the shortest and easiest trekking routes in the Annapurna region. This small hilltop offers majestic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges. It is also one of the charming villages in the Annapurna trails. Visiting this region, you can experience the Gurung and Magar people’s unique culture. 

Jhinu Danda is a popular destination for trekkers returning from the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. They frequently indulge in hot spring baths here to relax and rejuvenate after their journey. This natural oasis provides much-needed relief, making it a cherished spot along the trekking route in Nepal’s Annapurna region. 

Moreover, the tourist capital of Nepal, Pokhara, is part of this trek/trip. Your stay in Pokhara offers you numerous places to explore. Boating in Phewa Lake is one of the must-do things while you’re in Pokhara. 

Jhinu Danda and its Natural Hot Springs

The Jhinu Danda is situated at an altitude of 1780 meters. It is a hilltop that offers you the majestic views of the Himalayas. Meanwhile, Jhinu Danda Hot Spring is at an altitude of 1550 meters. You need to descend for 30 minutes to reach the Hot Spring. It is built on the river bank of the Modi Khola. It is a famous place where the trekkers returning from the Base Camp Trek take baths to relax and rejuvenate. It helps in relieving the pain and tiredness of the trek.

Additionally, Jhinu Danda is a small, charming village rich in its unique culture and tradition. Most of the people residing in this region belong to the Magar and Gurung communities. You can find a mixture of two different religious people in this region. It indicates the unity and diversity of Nepali communities. Many people follow Tibetan Buddhism, whereas you will also find people who follow Hindu culture. If you travel to Jhinu Danda during the festive season, you can experience the Nepali festival the locals celebrate. These people are incredibly hospitable and are always ready to welcome the visitors. 

Vehicle Renting for Kathmandu to Jhinu Danda

We provide vehicle rental in Nepal for your trip from Kathmandu to Jhinu Danda. You can take a bus or fly to Pokhara first. From there, Jhinu Danda is about 60 kilometers away. Jeeps are available for rent at 30,000 (Approx 227 – 230 dollars). Jeeps are the only option for you to travel to the gateway of Annapurna Base Camp. We want to make your trip easy and enjoyable so you can relax and enjoy the scenic views hassle-free. Book your jeep with us today and prepare for an unforgettable adventure through Nepal’s stunning landscapes. Contact us now to plan your perfect trip. You can customize your itinerary to have a memorable and wonderful trip.

Types of Rental Vehicles Available 

jhinu dada

The roadway to the Jhinu Danda is a mixture of pitch and roads. Jeeps are the only option for you when traveling to this region. You need a good four-wheeler vehicle to climb up in the Himalayan off-roads. These four-wheelers can hold up to 7-8 people. These jeeps have high ground clearance, which easily helps them navigate obstacles. A heavy-duty suspension system ensures you a smooth ride. The powerful engine tackles any terrain. All-terrain tires provide optimal grip, which makes your trip safe and secure.

Accommodation Options near Jhinu Danda

Tea Houses and Lodges are the common accommodation options during your stay in Jhinu Danda. The locals often run these, providing basic amenities during your stay. This is your last stay point during your Annapurna Circuit Trek. During the peak season, it will be tough to find a single room. Usually, you should share it with your trek partner. 

There will be multiple options for food at this place. Your food options will be reduced as you trek higher from this point. You can try out the local Nepali food, or you can also have different continental dishes. Some common food options include Pizza, Momos, Pasta, Macaroni, Daal Bhaat, Fried Rice, Potato Wedges, Spaghetti, Thukpa, Noodles, etc. 

Exploring Jhinu Danda and gateway to Annapurna base camp trek

You can witness the panoramic views of the mountains of the Annapurna range. Jhinu’s natural Hot spring is the major attraction of this place. This small hilltop offers you the gateway to several tourist attractions. You will hike for around 30 minutes to reach the Hot Spring. During the Spring, the trails get covered with Rhododendron forests, making it a colorful way to reach the Natural Hot springs. You can also go on a 2 – 3 hour hike to nearby tourist attractions places from here. Moreover, the charming village of Jhinu is very much culturally rich. This place is about nature, hot springs, mountains and the region’s culture and traditions. 

This place serves as the gateway to the short Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Trekkers visit the natural Hot Spring to relax and smooth their tired muscles. If you’re on an ABC Trek, this place offers you the best soothing pools to relax your body. This region lies in the Annapurna Conservation Area. You can witness several wild animals while you visit this region. You can hike to different tourist destinations from this place.

It depends on your Itinerary. You can hike to places like Ghandruk, Ghorepani Poon Hill, etc., from Jhinu. Moreover, if you have enough time, you can return to Nayapul. It is a short hike which takes around 5-6 hours. You can enjoy the mountain views of Annapurna and walk along the suspension bridges while you hike to Nayapul. 

Best Season to tour Jhinu Danda

Spring is the best season to tour Jhinu Danda. The weather is pleasantly mild in spring, making it ideal for trekking and exploring without discomfort. The vibrant rhododendron forests are in full bloom, adding color to the trekking trials. The clear skies offer breathtaking views of the Annapurna and Machapuchare mountains. The natural hot springs at Jhinu Danda are also especially enjoyable in the mild spring weather. Overall, spring provides the perfect combination of natural beauty, comfortable temperatures, and clear views, making it the ideal time to visit Jhinu Danda.


The Kathmandu to Jhinu Danda trip is one of the most popular trips to witness the beauty of the mountains of western Nepal.  It is one of the shortest trips that offers you numerous natural wonders. A jeep ride to Jhinu is the best mode of transportation for this trip. You can fly or drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Pokhara itself, being a tourism kingdom, offers you several tourist attractions places. The jeep ride from Pokhara to Jhinu will let you experience the beauty of the Himalayan roads. You will ride alongside the fast-flowing rivers and witness the high-altitude mountains standing tall before you.

The beautiful hilltop of Jhinu will give you a feeling of accomplishment as you stand before the majestic Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. The natural hot water springs at Jhinu Danda provide the perfect rejuvenation after a long and exhausting trek. They offer a soothing experience amidst the serene mountain surroundings. This makes it a memorable destination for adventurers and relaxation seekers in the heart of Nepal’s Himalayas. 


What is the elevation of Jhinu Danda?

The Jhinu Danda sits at an altitude of 1780 meters. It is the gateway to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The area is famous for its natural hot springs and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Visitors often relax in the hot springs after trekking, making it a popular spot for adventure and relaxation.

What is Jhinu Danda famous for?

Jhinu Danda is a small hilltop destination famous for its natural hot springs. Besides that, it also serves as the gateway to the Annapurna Base Camp. Jhinu Danda’s natural hot springs and breathtaking mountain views attract trekkers and nature lovers worldwide.

Can we drive up to Jhinu Danda?

Yes, you can drive up to Jhinu Danda. The total distance from Kathmandu to Jhinu Danda is approximately 260 km, with Jhinu Danda being 60 km from Pokhara. You can either fly or drive to Pokhara and, from there, arrange for a jeep to reach Jhinu Danda. 

Is Jhinu Danda and Badal Danda same?

Jhinu Danda and Badal Danda are different locations in Nepal. Jhinu Danda is a village in the Annapurna region known for its natural hot springs. At the same time, Badal Danda is located in the Rolpa district, historically significant during Nepal’s Maoist insurgency. 

How far is Jhinu Danda from bamboo?

The distance from Bamboo to Jhinu Danda on the trekking route is approximately 8.5 kilometers or 5.2 miles. 


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