Kathmandu To Pathibhara

The distance from Kathmandu to Pathibhara Temple is around 670 Km. The temple of Goddess Pathibhara is located in the eastern district of Nepal. It lies in the Taplejung district. It sits at an altitude of 3,794 meters from the sea level. It is one of the most significant temples in Nepal. Every year, thousands of devotees from Nepal and India visit the temple to worship the Goddess Pathibhara. There is a tradition of offering animal sacrifices, gold, and silver to please the goddess. 

Pathibhara, according to local legend, is named after a hill goddess who helped shepherds recover lost sheep through a ritual sacrifice and shrine dedication. Devotees believe in her power to grant wishes, such as sons to childless parents and wealth to the poor. This temple, revered as a Shakti Peeth, where parts of Goddess Sati’s body fell, holds a significant place in the hearts of pilgrims from Nepal and India who seek blessings for their desires. The goddess is known for her compassion towards sincere prayers and sacrificial offerings while being severe towards those with ill intentions.

The trails that follow the temple are also the side route to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. The Pathibhara temple is situated on a hill, providing a scenic location. You can witness the best views of Kanchenjunga’s mountain ranges. The hike toward the temple is a beautiful journey where you can witness different wildflowers blooming, making the trails colorful. 

Distance from Kathmandu to Pathibhara Devi Temple

There are several routes to reach Pathibhara. The distance from Kathmandu to Pathibhara is about 670 km. This distance is when you follow the main highway. It takes around 18-20 hours to reach Taplejung. No direct roads to the top exist, so you must hike for a few hours. You can hike from Suketar, which takes about 5-6 hours to reach the temple. Alternatively, you can drive to Sano Phedi and then hike to the temple for 3-4 hours.

pathibhara temple

How to get to Pathibhara Temple from Kathmandu

You have several roadway options to reach the temple. You can fly directly to Suketar. From Suketar, you can hike up to the temple. Because of the weather conditions, there are very few flights to Suketar. Another option is to take a 45-minute flight to Bhadrapur and a jeep ride from Bhadrapur. The best option for you is to drive from Kathmandu to Taplejung. You can book a Hiace, which can hold up to 14 people and has relaxing seating for longer journeys. This 18-20 hour journey will let you experience all three: Terai, Hilly, and the Himalayan region of Nepal. This journey will help you explore different beautiful places in Nepal. 

Vehicle Rental Options

We provide two vehicle options for your journey to Pathibhara. The Jeep seats up to 7 people, costing you Rs. 75,000.00 for 4 nights or Rs. 80,000.00 for 5 nights. Our Hiace accommodates up to 14 passengers for larger groups. It costs you Rs. 95,000.00 for 5 nights or Rs. 90,000.00 for 4 nights. Both options include travel up to Kaphle Pati. You can continue your journey by hiking or booking a local Bolero Jeep for further transportation. 

Kathmandu To Pathibhara by jeep

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to ensure your trip to Pathibhara is comfortable and enjoyable.

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Things to do along the way

There are several beautiful tourist attractions places along the way. Some of the places you should not miss out along the way while you’re on a Pathibhara Temple Tour are as follows:

Pau Pathibhara

Pau Pathibhara is considered as the foot of Goddess Pathibhara. There’s a temple in Charali. Charali is 5 km from Birtamod city. While the head of the goddess is considered to be in Taplejung. The goddess’s foot is worshipped in Pau Pathivara. It is located beside the local jungle. This temple is right next to the road. Many devotees visit it before heading to Taplejung’s Pathibhara Temple.

Pathibhara Temple, Illam

On the way to Taplejung, you will go through another Pathibhara Temple in Illam. Usually, it is called “Sano Pathibhara,” which means small Pathibhara Temple. It is too located at the top of the hill, where you need to climb around 1000+ stairs to reach the top of the temple. There’s a temple where they worship the Goddess Pathibhara. It is also visited by devotees travelling to Taplejung’s Pathivara. 

Visit Ilam

Illam is a small hill town famous for its sloped tea gardens. It is one of the major tourist attractions places in eastern Nepal. The natural landscapes in the tea gardens add beauty to this place.  The whole district is covered with tea bushes. Kanyam Tea Estate is famous for horse riding, picnics, and hiking. Besides tea, cardamom, Churpi, local chocolate, and other famous foods in Illam. Shree Antu is another go-to spot in Illam. It is famous for its sunrise view. You can spend a night at Shree Antu. 


Koshi River

Koshi River is the biggest river in Nepal. When You tour from Kathmandu to Pathibhara, the Koshi bridge marks the entrance to eastern Nepal. The confluence of seven different rivers forms the Koshi River. If you are driving on a reserved or private vehicle, you can spend some time near the bridge. Do not miss out on trying the fresh fish in a restaurant nearby. You can also visit the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve if you have ample time. It is just a few kilometers from the Koshi Bridge. 

Koshi Bridge

Dharan City

You can also include the trip to Dharan City in your tour package. You can customize your itinerary and make your return trip from another highway that joins Dharan from Phidim. After your Pathibhara Devi Temple Darshan, you can leave towards Dharan. There are numerous historical places in Dharan. It was the capital city of the lowland Limbuwan Kingdom of Morang.

There are numerous tourist attractions in the city. Budha Subba Temple and Pindeshwor Baba Dham are the famous Hindu Temples that pilgrims visit yearly. Gurkha Memorial Park and Dharan Clock Tower are the other tourist attractions in the city. Moreover, you can also visit the small hill station Bhedetar, which offers you a majestic view of Dharan City and other places nearby. 


During this tour, you can visit historical cities such as Itahari, Damak, Biratnagar, Illam Bazar, and Birtamode. Each town has unique historical significance and charm, making this tour an exciting journey through Nepal’s diverse landscapes and heritage.

The best time to visit 

The best time to visit the Pathibhara temple is during the Autumn season. It is the festive season in Nepal. The major Hindu festival, “Dashain,” falls in October. During the Dashain festival, there will be “Nauratha Puja.” where they worship the goddess Pathibhara. During this period, thousands of devotees tour the Pathibhara Devi Temple. The weather and temperature are also perfect during this season. However, you can visit the temple anytime in the year.

 It is challenging to reach the temple during the Summer and Winter seasons. The rain and snowfall make it challenging to trek. During the rainy season, the trails get slippery, and there will be leeches, bugs, etc. in the trails. This region receives heavy snowfall during winter, making it challenging to trek. Spring and Autumn offer the ideal conditions to visit the Pathivara Devi Temple. 


The tour from Kathmandu to Pathivara is one of the most exciting journeys you’ll experience. It not only holds religious significance but also provides you with an equal opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of Eastern Nepal. The journey covers a diverse Terai, Hills, and Himalayas landscape, providing breathtaking views and rich cultural experiences. Whether seeking blessings or simply enjoying the trek, the Kathmandu to Pathivara tour offers everyone a memorable and rewarding experience. 


How long is the Pathivara Trek?

The hike to Pathibhara Temple depends on the starting point of your trek. If you start hiking from Suketar, reaching the temple will take around 8-10 hours. If you drive up to Kaflepati, it will take around 5-6 hours to reach the temple. 

Which mountain is near Pathivara Temple?

The Kanchenjunga Mountain Peak is near the Pathivara Temple. You can enjoy the best views of Kanchenjunga and other neighboring peaks from the temple. Located atop a hill, the temple offers panoramic views of the Kanchenjunga mountain ranges.

Is there a chance of altitude sickness in Pathibhara Temple?

Yes, there’s a high chance of people suffering from altitude sickness. The temple sits above 3700 meters, with a very low oxygen level. This increases the chances of people suffering from altitude sickness. 

Which month is best to visit the Pathivara Temple?

The best month to visit the Pathivara Temple is October. The national festival of Nepal, Dashain, falls under this month. There’s a special puja during this period. Besides that, it offers the best conditions for trekking in this re

What is the distance between Pathibhara temple and Kathmandu?

The distance between Pathibhara temple and Kathmandu is approximately 670 km. The 670 km journey is via the Birtamode-Taplejung roadway. Another route is from Dharan to Phidim, which provides an alternative way to Taplejung.

Can I fly directly to the Pathibhara temple? 

Yes, you can fly directly to Pathivara Temple. There’s a helipad inside the temple premises. Various travel and touring companies provide the Pathivara tour via Helicopter. You can also fly directly to Suketar or Phungling and then trek for a few hours to reach the temple.


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