sitl 1How it all started?

As youths, all of us want to make the change, do something for the greater goods. We, a group of seven friends not being any different than other youths wanted to do the same.

During that time one of our friends was funding education of a child who was an orphan. He had just started his first job then and believed in giving “Half an hour of your daily work to someone needy”. We were really inspired by what he was doing but as rest of us were in our bachelors, all we had was time and energy to do something for those under- privileged children.

We visited the orphanage were our friend was helping, on his birthday and got to spend some time with those children. One boy who was about 13 years old sang a song for us beautifully and said he would be a singer if he ever got a chance. That day later we all had a discussion about how the boy who sang to us had a dream but something that he had no control over (losing his parents) was keeping him away from so many opportunities and even his dreams. Then we had a feeling if we were taking our opportunities for granted, having a home, family, good education, freedom and money to pursue our dreams. But then again there came a new perspective to the discussion and that was how having so much of opportunities ourselves something was preventing us from dreaming big for ourselves or even if we dreamt big we didn’t have that belief in our dreams. Did we have self-limiting beliefs? Why sky was not the limit for us? Whether the beliefs were set by the society or family or school or ourselves?

We then researched about people: famous people, rich people, intelligent people and read about them. A thing that was common among all was, they all were doers and they all challenged their belief system at some point in their life.

We wanted to make SKY THE LIMIT for us and for all those children who were less-privileged than us, who even though got the education but because of their self-limiting beliefs had to revolve around the same labyrinth of poverty and compromises when they grew older. Who had a well-established belief shaped by the society that coming from a poor background they were not allowed to dream big. But we wanted to banish that self-limiting belief from their mind, help them expand their horizon, help them dream big, and to help them with whatever little we knew.

We registered our organization naming it “Sky is The Limit”. We went to that orphanage and took classes among a group of children of age group 14 and above including subjects like, healthy food, plenty of water and exercise, reading is leading, positive attitude, will-power and self-confidence, gratification, time management, written up goals and money psychology.


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