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Nepal’s education system has improved over the years and has changed to a modern study method. Most schools and colleges follow the contemporary way of teaching and understanding in the capital city of Kathmandu and Nepal’s small and remote villages. Educational trips, picnics, tours, science projects, etc., are much more common nowadays than in previous times. Hence, the practice of vehicle rental for schools and colleges in Nepal to travel from one place to another has been increasing and is encouraged by teachers, faculty, and parents. 

Many vehicle rental companies in Nepal provide rentals for different vehicle types. From occasional car rentals to regular bus, coaster, and Sutlej rentals are standard for trips and tours to schools and colleges in Nepal. In this blog, we will learn about the most common transportation options for schools and colleges to rent. Furthermore, we will also discuss the importance of vehicle rental in Nepal.

Transportation Options For Schools And Colleges To Rent

There are few transportation options for schools and colleges, mainly because there are several students. You won’t be able to accommodate all the students from the schools and colleges in small cars, vans, or jeeps. So it would always help to rent large vehicles like buses, Hiace Vans and Coaster buses.


Buses are the main modes of transportation for tour programs in schools and colleges. Only buses can accommodate large groups of students, teachers, faculty, and helpers and take them from one place to another. They are used for daily tours, field trips, picnics, and other group activities. The most commonly used buses for vehicle rental, especially for school/college trips, are Coaster and Sutlej buses.

Buses Vehicle Rental for Schools


Vans are the alternative modes of transportation for school and college trips or treks where the number of students is not very high to use buses. They can be used for daily excursions, commutes, and field trips from one place to another. Since there are less number of students to carry, vans also cost less than buses.


SUVs are also quite common vehicles used for rentals for school and college trips purposes. However, they are generally used to taking staff or administrative guests from one place to another for educational programs, motivational speeches, etc. They are slightly more expensive than other means of transportation.

SUV Vehicle Rental for Schools

Minibuses / Hiace

Mininuses are the optimal transportation choice if the number of students required to carry is neither too large nor too small. They are generally used by a section or two of students to take on their respective trips, treks, and commutes. They provide ample seating service for the students but can still be flexible and easily travel from one place to another. They are slightly cheaper than private jeeps and cars but more expensive than buses.

Hiace Vehicle Rental for Schools

Importance of Safe and Reliable Transportation

Vehicle rental services in Nepal have been in practice for a long time. Their main motto is to provide safe and reliable transportation services to those without a vehicle. Secure and reliable transportation is a prerequisite for every vehicle rental company in Nepal. Here are some of the essential aspects of the safe transportation policy in Nepal.

Time Management: Safe and reliable transportation increases the efficiency of the trip. This means the activities are completed on schedule, and effective time management is improved when every activity is completed on time. The proper management of time will help to increase the efficiency of students, personnel, and even staff of the transportation company.

Stress reduction: Every safe and reliable package of vehicle rental services increases the chance of completion and reduces the possibility of accidents. When every operation operates smoothly, the stresses of personnel handling it are reduced. The less stress and smooth operation of the tour means teachers can efficiently teach and students have a suitable learning environment.

Safety: Reliable and well-maintained vehicles are always safer than unreliable vehicles. Every day in Kathmandu, Nepal, many vehicles suffer accidents; a significant percentage are school or college vehicles. So, before renting vehicles to schools or colleges, the first prerequisite is to check whether the car is safe to travel in, either short or long.

Safety Measures

Vehicle rental agencies are responsible for keeping their vehicles safe and reliable. However, schools and colleges must also follow some safety measures to ensure students travel and go sightseeing in a secure atmosphere. Here are some of the safety measures that schools or colleges must take notice of.

  • They have to select the vehicle type appropriate to the groups of students carrying for the excursion. The Vans or SUVS are relevant for small group tours, whereas, for many students, you have to choose either Sutlej or Coaster Bus.
  • Another safety measure that the educational institute can take is to choose the vehicles from the best vehicle company in Nepal. You can check their website, all their cars, the itinerary for the tour you are trying to book, and their reviews before selecting them.
  • You can check their cars before confirming your vehicle for any school/college trip. Hence, choose the best vehicle that can be new and have less mileage, and check if these vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes, airbags, and, most importantly, emergency exits.
  • Lastly, talk with the designated driver and help with your chosen vehicle. Explain to them they will be traveling with children who are bound to get loud, sing, and scream. Only select the driver if they are comfortable around children and those who don’t have a strong temper.
  • While making plans for school and college trips, you should never forget one thing: no plan is ever perfect. This means sometimes, very unexpected things can happen. Hence, planning for emergencies such as vehicle breakdowns, sick students, and roadblocks is crucial. 

Hence, you can follow some safety measures to make the school/college trip safe and secure since many parents have given responsibility for their children to the respective schools and colleges.

Budget-Friendly Options for Vehicle Rental

Vehicle rentals in Nepal are pretty popular either for local or foreign tourists. The trekking agency also books the vehicles for the various base camp treks, Nepal hour, cultural tours like Mandir Darshan, Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini Tour, Chitwan Wildlife excursions, etc. These tours are not just for foreign trekkers but also the local students of schools and colleges. You must follow certain practices if you want a vehicle rental reservation using budget-friendly options.

Compare Prices

There are several vehicle agencies in Nepal. So, if you want budget-friendly options for your school college trip, you can go to their website and check their prices accordingly. You don’t have to go with the first rental agency and choose their price. So, do due diligence on the prices and services and select the best service provider at an affordable price. You can also chat with these agencies or meet them in person to get some discount and get the actual quotes before deciding.

Short Time

Hiring vehicles for multiple days will cost more than a day or two. So first, you must be clear on what type of excursion the students are visiting. For example, if they are only going on a tour of Valley View, then the trip will be completed in 1 to 2 days. So booking a vehicle for longer days on these tours is not optimal and will be more expensive. Always try to rent the car for a minimum amount of days.

Search for Discounts

Before booking or renting the vehicle for schools and colleges, spread social media and pamphlets for discounts and tariffs. Generally, vehicle rental companies give discounts on special occasions like festivals, national holidays, or anniversaries. Sometimes, discount rates can increase from 20% to 50% during unique scenes. So first research about the discount


Hence, vehicle rentals for schools and colleges in Nepal are becoming quite common due to modern education. Many schools and colleges take students on either adventure or educational trips to give them knowledge and lessons beyond the syllabus, boosting students’ learning horizons. This is why choosing the appropriate vehicle agency with the best services is wise.

We hope this blog gives you proper guidance on renting vehicles for the educational institute of Nepal. Please check all the agency services and the security of the cars before confirming your booking. So, follow the safety measures given in the blog to ensure the students, teachers, and personnel are safe during the tour.


What are the requirements for renting a vehicle for school/ college purposes?

Although there might not be any particular requirements, some vehicle rental companies may ask for documentation such as a valid school registration ID and the purpose of renting the said vehicles.

Do rental companies offer drivers for school trips?

Occasionally, schools and colleges have their own designated drivers, but if they ask for drivers along with vehicles, then the rental company can arrange for them. It might cost more than just renting the car,

How advanced should schools/colleges book for vehicle rental?

During the off-season, the schools/colleges can book the appropriate vehicle two to three weeks in advance, but if it is in the peak season, you may have to book months in advance for the exact date.

Are there discounts available for schools and colleges?

The vehicle company discounts schools and colleges because they will book multiple vehicles in advance. Furthermore, vehicle renting companies also like to create contacts with schools and colleges, which will increase their income, especially during the off-season.

What is included in the rental price of vehicles?

The vehicle’s rental price contains the vehicle’s and the mileage costs. In some cases, the cost of insurance, tolls, or fuels are also included, which you have to clear about before booking.


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