Car Rental For Non Profit Organizations In Nepal

Naata Travels provide the facilities of online Car Rental For Non Profit Organizations In Nepal. We have many rental options to suit your needs. Whether you need a car for everyday use, special events, or field missions, our vehicles are comfortable, efficient, and affordable. We’ve got small cars, vans, jeeps, and buses for you. Our vehicles are well-maintained and reliable, ensuring that organizations can carry out their activities smoothly without any transportation hassles. 

One of the key features of Naata Travel’s service is its commitment to its consumer. Our team has special expertise in helping non-profit groups. You can partner with us and focus on your core mission, knowing that your transportation needs are in capable hands. This means that we are not just a service provider but a collaborator with whom a non-profit organization can work to perform its activities. 

Consumer safety is always our top priority. We provide the best value-for-money service in the valley. We have different rental packages that can be adjusted to your needs. Non-profit organizations in Nepal often face multiple challenges when it comes to transportation. Whether conducting fieldwork, community outreach, or transporting volunteers and supplies, reliable and affordable transportation is crucial; this is where we offer a specialized rental service designed to meet your needs. 

Car Rental Service

There are a variety of vehicle options to meet your needs. We provide reliable and affordable vehicles to help you reach your destination smoothly. Whether you’re working in the city or traveling to remote areas, we’ve got you covered. Booking a car is the best fit if you’re traveling in a small group, especially in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. It’s a cheaper option and provides access to various quality vehicles. Otherwise, you can choose from jeeps, Hiace vans, minibusses, and tourist buses. 

We provide well-maintained vehicles to ensure a smooth journey.  Our fleet is well-maintained and reliable, making it easy for your team to travel safely and efficiently. Each vehicle undergoes regular maintenance checks to guarantee top performance and safety standards.  We understand the dynamic nature of non-profit work and are here to accommodate last-minute changes and urgent requirements. Our car rental service is designed to be affordable, recognizing the budget constraints many non-profit organizations operate under. 

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Vehicle rental options 

There are several vehicle options you can book depending on your group size. Some common options are:


Hiring a car is the most preferred option. It is cheaper and best suited for small groups. We provide different luxury cars with modern technology from different brands. We have an experienced driver who is well-versed in English and can guide you to the destination you’re trying to reach.  Get a car rental from us for a hassle-free trip with all the modern comforts you need. It’s the ideal option for small groups, offering both convenience and affordability.

car rental for a non-profit organization


Renting a jeep is great for groups of 5-7 people. It’s super comfy and can handle rough roads like a champ. In Nepal, where roads can get bumpy, a jeep is your best bet for reaching remote spots. We’ve got fully air-conditioned luxury jeeps with skilled drivers to make your journey smooth and enjoyable. Hiring a jeep is the best option if you travel to remote parts of Nepal. 


A Hiace is perfect for medium-sized groups, offering comfort, safety, and reliability. It’s great for longer journeys with room for up to 14 people, including the driver. You’ll also get entertainment like TV and music, plus charging ports to keep your devices up during the ride.

hiace for nonprofitable organization

Minibus and Tourist bus

It is the best option for transportation for a larger group. A minibus can hold up to 22-25 people, while tourist buses can hold up to 35 people. These buses are fully air-conditioned and have folding seats for a comfortable journey. They are widely used to tour the sightseeing areas within the valley. Mini-buses and tourist buses are not preferred when traveling to remote areas of the country.

Car Pickup and Drop Service Inside Ringroad

Our car pickup and drop-off service inside the Ring Road is available for just 1000 daily. We can pick you up from the airport and take you to any destination within Ring Road. Enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable ride at an affordable price. Experience the convenience and peace of mind of knowing you’re in safe hands with our professional and friendly drivers.

Car Pickup and Drop Service Outside Ringroad

Our car pickup and drop-off service outside the Ring Road is only 1500. It is for within the Kathmandu Valley, outside the Ring Road. No matter where you are outside the Ring Road, we can pick you up and take you where you need to go. Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride at a reasonable price.

Car Rental Agreements

  • Our driver will accompany you, allowing you to utilize the vehicle for its intended purposes.
  • The vehicle is not to be used for racing, driving lessons, sports training, or any paid services. 
  • The driver should not be compelled to exceed speed limits or violate traffic rules; you will be liable for any fines incurred.
  • Day-return vehicles must be returned to their station on time; failure to do so will result in additional charges per the current price list.
  • If you cancel the bookings, 25% will be deducted as your cancellation charge. 

Benefits of Car Rental For Non-Profit Organizations In Nepal

Hiring a car is super helpful for NGOs or INGOs. It’s an intelligent choice because it saves them money. Instead of buying expensive cars, they can rent them when needed. This way, they can save money for important stuff, like helping people, instead of spending it all on cars. And if their needs change, they can easily switch up their rental arrangements without any hassle. It’s like having the perfect car solution whenever they need it! 

Why car rental service with Naata Travels?

Choosing Naata Travels for your car rental needs is a great idea because we offer top-notch service. Firstly, we have luxurious cars that make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, booking a car with us is easy because you can do it all online from home. No need to make any extra trips or wait in long lines. Also, when you’re on the road, you can trust our experienced drivers to get you where you need to go safely and on time. Naata Travels understands its customer worth and focuses on every small aspect to provide them with a comfortable travel experience, With Naata Travels, you get the whole package: luxury, convenience, and peace of mind for your travels.

Contact us for car rental non-profit prices in Kathmandu, Nepal

Our car rental service in Kathmandu offers special prices for non-profit organizations. We have a variety of well-maintained vehicles suitable for different needs, from transporting volunteers to delivering supplies. If you need affordable and reliable transportation for your non-profit work, email us at or +977-9818778432. If you have any queries, please get in touch with us by mail or phone. 


Naata Travels is committed to supporting Non-profit organizations in Nepal with reliable and affordable car rental services. We believe that providing dependable transportation empowers non-profits to expand their reach and enhance their impact. Whether you’re conducting health camps, educational programs, or disaster relief efforts, having the right vehicle can make a difference. We’re excited to join your journey and help your important work succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is car rental in Nepal?

The price of renting a car in Nepal generally ranges from $100-$150 per day. However, if you need it for multiple days, you can adjust the price based on your discussion with your service provider.

Can a foreigner rent a car in Nepal?

Yes, a foreigner can rent a car in Nepal. Numerous rental service providers are available in Nepal. You can contact them and book your ride. If you plan to book it without a driver, you will need an International license. 

Can I rent a car with my international license?

Yes, you can rent a car with your international driving license. Be sure that your license is valid and not expired. The minimum age to rent a car in Nepal is 18.

Is it safe to take a taxi in Kathmandu?

Yes, it is safe to take a Kathmandu. The language barrier might be an issue, but there are several ride-sharing apps through which you can book your ride online. The online ride-sharing app is one of the most used services in Nepal.

Can you rent a car without a driver in Nepal?

Anyone over 18 with a valid international driving license can rent a car without a driver in Nepal. Booking a vehicle without a driver might be more expensive than other options. Numerous service providers offer this service. 


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